Treasurer Neely's Quick Money Saving Tip #19

Eat those leftovers. Experiment with new recipes.


Look for our "Save it. Spend it. Grow it." ads the next time you take the CTA bus or train!

What’s cool and uncool about credit?

Cool: In a true emergency, a credit card can save the day. For example, if your family’s car breaks down, you can use the card to pay.

How to talk to your child about money

Play store with your child. Your child is the cashier. She tells you how much each item is and makes change when you buy something.

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Stephanie D. Neely, Treasurer, tells Chicagoans that she wants to share what she knows about money to help people make smart financial choices.

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As Treasurer for the City of Chicago, my main job is to protect and manage our city’s money and investments. I also want to see Chicagoans make smart money choices for their own families. This means spending only the money you already have and watching where your money goes.

That’s why my office has launched Chicago’s first-ever initiative to help Chicagoans “Save It. Spend It. Grow It.”

On this website, you’ll find out how to track your spending and why you should say No to credit cards. You'll discover what a bank can do for you. And you’ll get tips on talking to your kids about money. Because it’s never too early to teach the value of budgeting, saving and giving back to your community.

Stephanie D. Neely

Stephanie D. Neely